Initial Inspiration and Background

The Internet has been accessible in Australia for over a decade, initially primarily to Defence and Academic organisations. Its potential for marketing and the promotion of small business is a fairly recent innovation. Its relatively low cost, on-line database and secure credit/ bank transaction facilities, and use by a large proportion of the Australian and International population make it a very worthwhile for the marketing of products and services of major corporations through to small busines and individuals alike.

I have been working in providing advice, solutions, support and training in the application of Information Technology, especially in the utilisation of the Internet and Intranets for commercial, academic and government contracts, since before the Internet's availability in Australia.

To gain certain contracts in specific areas of my interest and to reflect my desire to provide advice, ie. TIPS, with integrity, I initially registered two trading names, a full name and an abbreviated version, namely:

  • Integrity TIPS, February 22nd, 1996
  • Integrity Technology Information and Physical Scientia services, March 21st, 1996.

However, after a decade of solid experience working on Internet projects, I had wanted for a long while to establish my own Internet Consultancy but initially lacked insight into a niche which would be different to services provided by other businesses. I also really wanted to develop something new that is really needed by the community.

My father, now retired, was working in his own business in the area of Disability Education, writing nationally accredited courses for the Paraplegic and Quadriplegic Association and courses in other areas. Working with him in developing the Disability Education courses for Real Estate Agents was an associate, Geoff Buck, who has been developing Special Needs Housing Services from his experience as an accredited Real Estate Agent.

Discussions with these individuals in the area of Disability Services opened my eyes to a need to significantly improve on-line services in this area. Special Needs Real Estate and Accessible Internet Solutions are working together to bring an extended group of special needs services to one independent on-line site, a portal, making it simpler for people with a disability and the elderly to find all they need to enhance their lives and maintain an independent lifestyle. The project has also been developed from the initial local property focus to one targeting the broad range of specialised services on a global scale.

Hence, the birth of Accessible Internet Solutions (abbreviated 'AIS'), which commenced trading on October 1st, 1998, and our main project for which we would appreciate your help in promoting accessibility, equity and an independent lifestyle for all.

Please take a look around this and the above site for more information on the backgound of AIS and our services. Also see my resume.

Thankyou for your interest.
Take care and enjoy!

Dean Roberts, B.Sc.(Hons), MAIP, MIOP, MAGU, MPS
CEO, Accessible Internet Solutions

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