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  • Play in our backyard, usually one-on-one with my sister, Barbara, my Mom or my Dad. This is currently my primary form of exercise (> 3-4 times per week), with occasional visits to the gym for weights.


  • NBL, Australia: Victoria Titans (previously South East Melbourne Magic - M.I.B. = Men In Black). Check out their web page at

  • NBA, USA: Minnesota Timberwolves and Dallas Mavericks (keeping track of Chris Anstey's great progress)


  • Currently developing skills in Microsoft Visual Studio components (InterDev, Java, Basic), especially with interests in developing further web-based applications

  • Plan to obtain MCSE + Internet certification in the near future

  • Interested in the Y2K "Millenium bug" projects

  • Long term goal is to develop my business, possibly in conjunction with international projects - I love to travel!


  • Been involved with networks in some form during most of my graduate studies, from local DECNet, uni-uni DECNet, Australian ARNet, then international communications via the Internet. I remember logging onto ISCA BBS, in Iowa, when there were only 3 Australians and a total of < 2500 users - now the usernumbers are in the high 400000s

  • My experience fires an interest to develop applications and utilise the Internet for the benefit of my business and other individuals and companies alike.

  • I especially like the Internet as it has brought many new friends into my life, lots who I have met in person, some very special ones, others who I hope to meet soon.


  • I enjoy listening to a variety of styles
  • I have played brass and percussion in various groups: stage and pit orchestras, brass and symphonic bands and I'd love to get back to it when I have time to commit


  • Taking time out with my family on Western Port Bay, Victoria, Australia and Bass Strait


  • Related to my studies in Upper Atmosphere Physics - Ionosphere, using H.F. Radar and Satellite systems


  • Been through Western Europe (incl. Scandanavia), UK, Singapore, French Polynesia, all states and territories in Australia, Canada, and these USA states / districts: California1, Arizona2, New Mexico3, Texas4, Louisiana5, Mississippi6, Alabama7, Florida8, Georgia9, South Carolina10, North Carolina11, Virginia12, Washington D.C., Maryland13, Pennsylvania14, New Jersey15, New York16, Conneticut17, Massachusetts18, Michigan19, Indiana20, Illinois21, Missouri22, and Hawaii23

  • Currently saving for a return trip to the USA for some time late in 1999/2000


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