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Well... now that you are here, you might be asking: "Why does this guy have "Spiderman" at the top of his personal page?"  Unless you are one of my off-line or Internet friends, it's quite an understandable question. I was dubbed "Spiderman" a few years ago while studying at La Trobe University... a long story, and only a select few know all the facts pertaining to the incident which gave me this nickname, initially used off-line, then later to also become my online name on several BBS systems around the world. If you are curious, you can read the brief Story.

Now that we've dealt with that issue
*smiles* the following are the telnet links to the BBSes I use/have used: LUCS [I'm a Wizard (admin) there, Melbourne], ISCA [Iowa, USA], Brinta [Rotterdam, The Netherlands], Spinnaker & TFS [Canberra, Australia], Monolith [The Netherlands], Virtual DoughnutLand, and Shadow (used to be at IIT, Chicago, USA).

Moving to the rest of my personal profile, let's start with some of my
interests, what I do in my spare time, some of what I consider as my more memorable past, my plans/goals for my future.

resume ("Curriculum Vitae") is in its own section.

My ambitions and objectives for myself and my business are:

  • to expand and broaden my knowledge;
  • to strive to improve my lateral thinking abilities and further sharpen my learning curve;

  • to use my experience and abilities for the benefit of companies and individuals alike;

  • to consult and give advice with integrity and sincere dedication.

I have a wide range of business and research interests and I'm always open to apply my skills to a new field. So if you need, or know any of individual or company who needs, someone with my qualifications and varied experience, drop me a line or refer them to me *smiles*

Common curiosity is to see photos, so I'll endeavour to display a variety and add extras as suitable ones are taken *smiles* There are some of myself and my family, some of "The Boys", those guys with whom I did graduate study, and some of my other close friends, together with links to their web sites!

To conclude my personal profile, I have given some of my favourite
quotes. I use them for my own motivation and hope you get some inspiration from them too. Always keep your chin up, focus on your goals, and know what steps are required to achieve them. Anything is possible!!!

Take care and enjoy!!!

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