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Accessible Internet Solutions provides advice, solutions, support services and training on all aspects of the Internet and Intranets, including:

  • advice on the benefits of such technology

  • creative and complete solutions for full web-presence and site project development and management for the promotion of the business; and,

  • training and support services on all aspects of access and use of the Internet.

There are three key areas of speciality:

  1. Portal a site that brings together, to one independent point of reference, all of the required special needs services for people with a disability and the elderly - buy, sell or rent a modified accessible property, holiday/travel, employment, and a wealth of other services;

  2. Promoting access and equity on the Internet designing web-sites and supplying support services and training for disability organisations and their clients; and,

  3. On-line commerce aiding business in Australia and Indonesia to realise the potential of and exploit the Internet for the promotion, marketing and sales of products and/or services locally and internationally.

Dean Roberts , CEO, AIS, has an extensive history of over a decade of experience in providing advice, solutions, support and training in:

  • commercial - health science, manufacturing, physical science, technology development, utility services; and,

  • government - primarily Defence Over-The-Horizon Radar and Satellite data analyses and research.

support contracts. Dean has been heavily involved in the application of Information Technology with

  • networks, microcomputer and mainframe systems,

  • writing software for DECNET, the AARNet, Internet, and World Wide Web,

  • project management, systems analysis and programming,

  • effeciency and automation, especially in large volume data handling and analysis including e-mail data processing into database systems,

  • data processing, analysis and modeling,

  • imaging software development, and

  • GUI programming.

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