Accessible Internet Solutions is involved predominantly in:

  • helping businesses develop their on-line presence;
  • the development of new ideas; and,
  • portals - sites that bring all of the required services for a particular client base to one independent point of reference.

We are always open to new ideas. If you have an idea and need expertise on matters pertaining to the Internet, please use our feedback page or contact us directly.

Current Clients include:

  • Alice Springs Salvation Army: Design and Management of their Web-Presence. This site receives a large number of hits and receives continual feedback.
  • Logica: predominantly providing OpenVMS and Solaris Unix mainframe and software support to a variety of clients in the Utility Services sector in the Australian states of Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia
  • Scientific Engineering Research Systems (SERS)
Previous Clients include:

The Portal

Our primary focus at this time is this portal it brings together all of the required special needs services for people with a disability and the elderly. The on-line database allows for searches of property and disability education accredited service providers, real estate agents, travel agents, employers, et al.

We are devoted to providing a service that makes it simpler to find accredited services that aid in helping clients with special needs to maintain functional independence within the community wherever they choose to live. We are dedicated to promoting an ethos of honesty and integrity, and quality of life, equal opportunity and accessibility to Clients and Staff with special needs, disability and the elderly.

This site includes a Newsletter regarding accessible housing, travel and employment, together with issues relating to the Internet in terms of accessibility and equity to make the world aware of advancements in services and technology that will enhance the community.

For more information, take a look at the site, accessed via either or simply

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