Research Interests

I have a wide variety of research interests, stemming from a keen interest to seek knowledge in my hobbies, in my business interests, in the workplace with going beyond any job description, and in my Bachelor of Science Degree (Honours) and graduate studies.
This page gives a brief overview of my research during my Bachelor of Science Degree (Honors project) and graduate research study in the Division of Solar Terrestrial and Space Physics at La Trobe University, in beautiful Melbourne, Australia. At present there is no explanation of nomenclature, aside from that contained within the following pages.
The Earth's Ionosphere
This page gives an introduction to the region in the Earth's upper atmosphere, termed the "Ionosphere", which affects radio communications, especially in the HF (high frequency) band. Thus, radio waves can be used to study the ionosphere and electron density fluctuations, i.e., irregularities, are observed using a variety of techniques. The ionosphere consists of several horizontally stratified layers and my research is involved with the study of irregularities in the mid-latitude, F-region ionosphere. A more detailed description is contained in this page.
Space Exploration
I have always had a keen interest in this area, partially in looking beyond our solar system, but more so of man's advancements in researching the planets contained within it. This page contains some of my main areas of interest and gives some links to official sites where you can obtain further information.

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