Accessible Internet Solutions employs more than 10 years experience to provide a wide range of services for the Internet and Intranets, together with inclusion of all services provided previously by Integrity TIPS (Integrity Technology Information and Physical Scientia Services).

Internet Consultancy

Internet Access Broker and Support Services

We provide web-site and Internet accessibility solutions as a broker to other quality service providers as well as providing creative and complete solutions from within our own resources:

  • Advise you on the benefits of the Internet and Intranets, the costs involved, depending on your needs and budget: PC choice, how to connect, Internet Service Provider (ISP) selection, e-mail, on-line database access, credit and bank transactions, market research, marketing, etc.

  • Take the confusion out of the terminology in setting up sites and expand your horizons

  • Training and user support services to you and your staff on all aspects of access, accessibility and use of the Internet can be provided as required

Web-site Development and Management

We provide advice, solutions, support services and training through to full web-presence and site project development for the promotion and on-line access of micro-small business:

  • Assist you in establishing a presence on the Internet, supplying support information through to handling the full project management of your web-presence

  • selection of the best ISP to meet your requirements and budget

  • web-site design, development and management

  • user-end and server-level coding, secure credit transactions, database access and searches

  • e-mail access, servers and automated processing, including Intranet batch job control

  • efficiency and automated e-mail to database facilities

  • market research, marketing, and advertising your web-site to the hundreds of search engines around the world and via other avenues

General Computer Consultancy

We also provide an extensive range of other computer consultancy services, including:

  • Project Management, Systems Analysis and Programming
  • Imaging Software Development
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface) Programming
  • PC, IBM/DEC Mainframe and Networks
  • Data Processing, Analysis and Modelling
  • Research and Development
  • Training

On request, we can also supply and maintain hardware and peripheral equipment, including cabling and other such requirements. For detailed experience, work history, programming languages, systems, etc., please see the resume pages.

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