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Once upon a time... some expensive books went missing from one of the research laboratories on the fourth floor (top level) of the Physics Building at La Trobe University. The custodian of the books, a new Research Assistant, was baffled because she always locked the room when she left it... she noticed the window was open... but on remembering what floor she was on, the thought of someone climbing in through the window was quickly neglected.

*two days passed*

The books mysteriously reappeared... again the door was locked, the window open, and the only clue to how the books had been returned was a note inside the cover of one of the books:
"Returned with compliments of your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman" *smiles* I hadn't counted on her tenacity - after interrogating some people, she obtained copies of peoples' writing and quickly determined that I was indeed THE Spiderman. However, to this day, the facts are still a mystery to most... after all, I can't give away too many of my "superhero" trade secrets *smiles*

Anyway, the nickname took hold quickly and has remained since... considering some of the nicknames I've had (which will remain private!!), I really like being called Spiderman. My friends, especially "The Boys" with whom I studied, would have some good stories to tell from those days when we only ever used go by our nicknames... It still happens sometimes, though we are geographically scattered all over the place... it's good that a lot of my new close friends are online and know me as Spiderman, yet it's not quite the same *smiles* It's certainly fun to have someone call out to me by my nickname in a busy place.

Take a look through the rest of my personal profile and check out some
photos of myself and my family, and photos of "The Boys" and some of my other close friends, together with links to their web sites!

Take care and enjoy!
Spides a.k.a. Dean Roberts

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